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SOLD-Another required Ferrari : 308 GTS -unique colour

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  • 1980
  • (126,800 Miles)
  • Metallic gunmetal (Grigio Titanio)
  • Dark red hide with black carpets
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • V-8 3.0 litre.Four overhead camshafts
  • 255 bhp@7,700 rpm
  • L.4127mm W.1720mm

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Vehicle Highlights
One of the 184 officially imported cars of which 111 remain taxed/SORN'd and the only one in metallic dark grey.16" Speedline style wheels.Stainless steel exhaust.

Vehicle Description

For sale on behalf of the owner

Azzurro metallic blue 106-A-31 with Rosso VM 3171 hide and black carpets, ordered by the former Scottish Ferrari agents, Ritchies of Glasgow, on Tuesday 17th July 1979.

Maranello Concessionaires late Managing Director, Sean Bealey, placed Order Number S/135 with the Ferrari factory the following day, for production in October. Unusually, the car was ready early and invoiced to Maranello Concessionaires Ltd by the factory on 12th September 1979 and completed, according to the Ferrari Heritage Certificate, on Thursday 13th September 1979, before being delivered to the UK by truck, one of 184 officially imported of which 111 remain taxed or SORN’d.

Maranello Concessionaires Ltd issued a Consignment Note No 1016 (“free stocking”) for the wholesale price of the car, less Car Tax and VAT, which also included £60 advertising contribution on 3rd October 1979, and was settled on 15th October. Five months later the car was still unsold and Maranello Concessionaires debited the Car Tax and VAT fees of £3,726.23 from Ritchie’s bank account on 3rd March 1980.

Having now paid for the car in full, Ritchies decided to register the car themselves as a demonstrator, which they duly did on Monday 10th March 1980 on the Glasgow registration number NGG 77V. The list price on 1st July 1979 was £19,901.23 plus delivery charges, number plates and road tax. Metallic paint £347.59 and air conditioning £747.50, were also factory fitted options.

On 29th February 1981 the car was registered to its “first owner” G M Ltd of Renfrewshire, whose 39-year-old commercial director Mr J M was the driver, and who kept the car for just over twelve months, when it passed to Goodrich Design Ltd from Gloucestershire on 7th April 1982.

My first dealings with the car came in September 1984 when it was purchased from me and Simon Greenwood, of the former Surrey Ferrari agents, Modena Engineering Ltd, on 25th September 1984, having been repainted red by Modena Engineering Ltd,by the third owner, Mr A W-R aged 37, from Devon

Mr W-R kept the car only six months or so, when it passed to Mr C J from South Wales on 1st April 1985. Once again, I sold it, this time to 29-year-old Banker, Mr R N from Surrey, on 20th September 1986 with 35,100 miles for £23,100, again from Modena Engineering Ltd. R kept the car for just under four years when I took it back in part-exchange for a 328 GTS in January 1990.

I sold the car on 8th June 1990 to the last owner, Mr J P from London, on 8th June 1990, for £50,000 with 47,799 miles. Over the past 29 years, Mr V P has used in Hill Climbs and track days with the Ferrari Owners Club where it is well known, whilst Talacrest and Rardley Motors have maintained the car. This has included a body restoration and colour change to its current unique gunmetal grey (Grigio Titanio). The car also benefits from a single outlet stainless steel sports exhaust.

There is a large file of invoices and 29 MOT's documenting maintenance .

For sale on behalf of the owner

History: The pleasure of open top driving has a very special place in the heart of many Ferrari fans. The 308 GTS was developed in collaboration with Pininfarina in 1977 to help make that dream come true. When not in use, its Targa hard-top could be stored neatly away behind the seats. The chassis was specially reinforced to compensate for the lack of a full roof. Performance was similar to that of the 308 GTB.

The 308 GTS joined the Ferrari model range at the 1977 Frankfurt Salon. Visually it was very similar to its 308 GTB berlinetta stable mate, apart from the black finished solid removable glass-fibre roof panel, and the satin black finished hinged opening louvre panels over the rear quarter windows. They were hinged to permit cleaning of the rear quarter glass, and the one on the left side also gave access to the fuel filler cap, and both were lockable. The “S” in the model title stood for “Spider”, although as with the Dino 246 GTS, the spider title was a degree of artistic license, as it was in fact a targa top, with a roof panel that could be stowed behind the seats for open air motoring. As on the 308 GTB, a luggage compartment was provided in the tail of the car behind the engine bay, accessed by lifting the entire engine bay cover, which revealed a zip top luggage compartment at the rear. As with the 308 GTB berlinetta an optional deep front spoiler was available, as was the sports exhaust system, and high compression piston plus high lift camshaft package. A further option was 16″ wheels fitted with Pirelli P7 low profile tyres.
The 308 GTS featured a steel body with an aluminium front lid, whilst USA market cars can be identified by heavier bumper assemblies, and rectangular side marker lights on the wings. The main European market 308 GTS models had a tubular steel chassis with factory type reference F 106 AS 100. Disc brakes, with independent suspension via wishbones, coil springs, and hydraulic shock absorbers, were provided all round, with front and rear anti roll bars. All models were numbered in the Ferrari odd number road car chassis sequence, with right and left hand drive available. Production ran from 1977 to 1980 in the chassis number range 22619 to 34501, during which time 3219 examples were produced, around 50% more than the concurrent 308 GTB model.
The V8 engine was identical to that used in the concurrent 308 GTB model, being of a 90 degree configuration, with belt driven twin overhead camshafts per bank, having a total capacity of 2926cc, with a bore and stroke of 81mm x 71mm, bearing factory type reference F 106 AB 000 for European market cars. The engine was transversely mounted in unit with the all synchromesh five speed transmission assembly, which was below, and to the rear of the engine’s sump. It was fitted with a bank of four twin choke Weber 40 DCNF carburettors, mounted in the centre of the vee, the exact specification depending upon the market, and power output was in the order of 255bhp. European market cars were fitted with dry sump lubrication, whereas Australian, Japanese and USA market examples had wet sump lubrication.
Taken from Ferrari’s own website.

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