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Ferrari : 246 GTS -one of just 121 UK cars


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  • 1973
  • Metallic dark blue
  • Black hide and carpets
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • V-6 2.4 litre Four overhead camshafts
  • 195bhp @ 7600rpm
  • Length: 166.7” Width: 67.2”

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Vehicle Highlights
One of just 258 right hand drive 246 GTS built4,000 miles since mechanically overhauledEngine rebuilt with high compression pistons, bigger valves, and fast road camshafts

Vehicle Description

Ordered on 29th November 1972 by Hexagon of Highgate in North London from Maranello Concessionaires for delivery in March 1973.Maranello Concessionaires placed the order –D/458 with the factory as part of the March 1973 allocation for a GTS finished in Blue Scuro (one of 139 so finished)-with black VM.8500 leather and electric windows. The factory invoiced Maranello Concessionaires on 17th April 1973-£4,806.000 “free Italian border” for delivery to the UK by lorry-one of 235 UK cars-only 258 were manufactured- of which 121 remain taxed/SORN’d. First registered PGC 46L, on 18th May 1973, by Hexagon of Highgate, then official Dino dealers, to the first owner, Mr A H. W of Hertfordshire, a chartered building surveyor. The then list price of £6,620.39 plus delivery charges, number plates and road tax. Leather upholstery added £210.93.


The engine was rebuilt 4,000 miles with fast road camshafts, bigger valves and higher compression pistons. At the same time the gearbox was overhauled and the suspension and brakes were rebuilt

The car comes with a complete ownership history from new-something no longer available due to GDPR laws-as well as copies of the original order and invoices.


One does not expect the same sort of pleasure from a Cabriolet as one does from a coupe, and even a pair of twins sharing an identical mechanical specification and the main body structure will inspire the driver with a different quality of enjoyment. If anyone remains unconvinced of this, they should first drive a Dino 246 GT, and then jump into a 246 Dino GTS - they won't feel anything like the same car.
Before inviting you for a short trip in a 246 GTS, we should first spare a glance for the beast in repose. Squatting purposefully on its four wide tyres it is well worth a quick look because, once again, Pininfarina has succeeded in creating a car of extreme individuality. Almost the whole of the body has been borrowed from the coupe, but the provision of a detachable roof has enabled the coach builder to contrive a more sporting image. We are not in fact dealing with a Cabriolet in the true sense of the word, since the removal of the "top" leaves in place, behind the seats, a permanent hoop structure complete with the side panels and rear window. The coupe's quarter lights have gone, replaced by three ventilation louvers, which echo those of the bonnet. With its prominent front wings, its low profile and its hoop extended by flying buttresses to the back edge of the rear wings the GTS reminds one - at least in side view - of the fabulous 330 P4 of 1967: that at least, was the impression shared by a good number of the visitors who saw the car for the first time at the 1972 Geneva Motor Show.
Once behind the steering wheel there is a strong feeling of being in a true "prototype"; one can see nothing of the bonnet, only the two large humps of the front wings. The cockpit is spacious, but one searched for luxury in vain; everything here is strictly functional with an air of refined good taste, nothing more. Snug bucket seats, a stubby gear lever falling immediately to hand, a tiny three-spoke steering wheel - and, right in front of the driver, a crowded dashboard taken from the 365 GTB/4 Daytona, comprising two large instruments and six small ones.
Switch on and start up: one can feel the difference from the coupe the instant the engine fires. In this car one has a much closer bond with the mechanical organs. This engine delights in working hard, swift movements of the gear lever and steady pressure on the accelerator making it shout for joy. The car offers almost limitless performance to anyone who knows how to make use of it. Extremely lively, completely stable steered with rack and pinion precision; it
negotiates fast off slow corners with the same haughty unconcern.
On the motorways it holds its course imperturbably, the willing little engine pushing it all the way up to 150mph without strain. Don't hesitate to use the revs: above 4,500 a performance banquet is spread before the driver, with a full symphony orchestra in attendance. The engine note rises from a raucous boom to a frenzied howl, flooding the ears with sounds, which remain embedded in the memory long after switching off.
The GTS has all the intrinsic qualities of the Dino 246, but offers in addition the extraordinary sensation of hearing the machinery come to life all around one. That is why it is not just a car with a sporting appearance; it is an authentic sports car through and through.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the above details, we do not warrant that such details are accurate.

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