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Another satisfied customer -308 GTB Vetroresina to Texas, USA.

  • Another satisfied customer -308 GTB Vetroresina to Texas, USA.



Thank you notes are rare in this world but you,and the team you assembled,really earned this one.

I spent the weekend really getting to know my new purchase of the 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am at the the purchase.The car arrived in perfect shape and and the people at CARS were excellent to deal with throughout the process.Based upon the 15 miles I drove over the weekend I can tell that the Ferrari runs strong and it sounds amazing.Compared to my 4000 miles 1989 328 GTB this car is better in every way.Except for the speedometer /odometer that quit on the ride across the Atalantic the car exceeds my expectations mechanically and cosmetically.I have already ordered a new sender because I suspect that is where the fault lies.

By the way ,Ian Barkaway was a great referral and I am indebted to his expertise in the inspection of the car because it is,as both you and Ian said ,an excellent example of the car.Frankly and even though Ian said the shocks were worn out,I cant find anything wrong with the car or its suspension-perhaps the new tires we installed took care of most(or all) of the issue.In any event ,I am a supper happy sustomer of Rardley and Barkaways and appreciate your great service.The next car I buy across the pond will definitely come through the two of you again.I just need to save up some more powder........"